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Welcome to the home of Carl Miller's Boats, Aircraft, Furniture, and Instruments.

Ahoy! We are glad you've washed up on Stormy Shipbuilding. Please take a look around and check out our galleries, peek at the projects being built now on The Bench, read about our history, and feel free to bugger up some feedback. Don't forget to look in The Bilge as you never know what projects might get dredged up and put to The Bench!

Latest Project Updates: Audax Planking, 13' Skiff Launch, Schooner's Maiden: 

Audax: Boys and girls, she's looking like a boat! Read more...

The Skiff Gets Ready: With the outboard fitted and my last gripes about piloting holes for hardware seen to, we are ready for a launch! What shall she be named? 

A Maiden: Harr, no more! Last week we celebrated the launching of the Tippecanoe Schooner-- A model built for our dear friend Dick Medve-- she goes like stink! Read More...

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